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Before you can build a shopping center, a restaurant, a theme park or a hotel you need an inspiring concept. To create these fantasy worlds rich with visual, enticing experiences, you need a dreamer. A creator. Someone called an “entertainment designer”. Kirk Axtell is that person.

Kirk was the Architectural Project Designer for Dreamworld Resort and Theme Park, a $1.5 billion dollar resort development in Shenyang/Fushun Peoples Republic of China. While at Dreamworld he has been developing concept designs for a 400 room hotel and a 600 room hotel and spa which includes exclusive, high end commercial, mixed use retail, residential and entertainment zone. His responsibilities also included The Diamond Promenade. A 900 room themed hotel with mixed use retail and entertainment center and 5 major attraction lands. He also revived the layout plan for Magic River and Fairy Trails, an interactive walking show and boat ride.

Due to Everfashion Construction Company’s lack of experience in theme park development, Kirk established a training regime which assisted the Chinese architectural and engineering teams Design Institute to understand the process of theme park development and entertainment design which is so prevalent in the United States. This included clarification and introductions to “Show Control", "Ride Control", Show Action Equipment, Animation Function and Attractions.

Kirk has worked in China for over 4 years on multi-billion dollar projects involving theme park development and entertainment design.

Recent projects:
General Review of Fengyuan · Hotgopark Tourism Resort Project
Natural and cultural background of the city
Shenyang is the political, economical,cultural and tourism center of northeast area of China and a capital with 7200 years history. The first emperor of Qing dynasty was born here as its first capital city. It is temperate continental climate here with four distinc- tive seasons and average temperature of a whole year is 6~9 °C; in addition, this city is known for its picturesque scenery, and is the largest natural scenery spot in the northeast of Shenyang named Qipan Mountain, a world-renowned tourism resort.

Project: Geography Background
Fengyuan hotgopark is located at Qipan Mountain, adjacent to Shenyang Expo Park and Sishui, a scientific town. The planning area is approximately 6400 Mu, unified with ecological and snow tourism, hot springs resort, shopping and entertainment togeth- er in one area. This is the major project of the "Shenfu New Town" development strategy brought by Prime Minister Li Keqiang.

HOTGOPARK is located at core position of "one hour economic circle" among eight cities of Liaoning province with more than 24 million residents in the area. Its con- venient location reinforces the project's leading position in any future development. Hot- gopark is located in the middle of "Shenfu new town". Its picturesque scenery and excel- lent location makes this project a major part of new tourism at Shenyang core E.D. zone. In the next five years, here will be Shenfu new town's ecological resort, industrial district, residential district and golden field of tourism.

Past projects have included:
(In chronological order)

RSP Architects, Tempe, AZ: Developed overall plan and architectural look for major retailer, high-end shopping centers, mixed-use, sports complex, and downtown redevelopments across the United States. Projects included Target stores nationwide; West End Entertainment District, St. Paul, MN; High-End Shopping Center for 5 Star Development, Scottsdale, AZ; St. Paul Ice Hockey Arena & Retail District

The Cuningham Group, Marina Del Rey, CA: Led creative team and design development for Universal Studios proposed project in Shanghai, China; served as lead designer for Hollywood Boulevard retail street. Led concept interior development for Mohawk Casino spa and retail bar area in upstate New York. Additional projects included Warner Bros. Theme Park in Madrid, as a Project Designer in Spain; Disneyland California Adventure; LEGO retail projects for California Adventure at Disneyland and Chicago, IL

JMA, Las Vegas, NV: Designed and developed Vegas Grand spa, condominiums, hotel, & time-share units.

Design Development Group Baltimore MD:
Designed urban renewal mixed-use project in upstate New York, entertainment retail complex for downtown Chicago, and concept/blue sky design for 35-acre shopping center, and living/entertainment complex consisting of two hotels, entertainment retail, and time share units in Las Vegas

John Jerde Partnership, Venice, CA:
Led design team and developed scripts for live action shows and dark rides for $380 million Ecocentrum development project in Philippines.

Walt Disney Company – Imagineering, Burbank, CA: Handled concept design for new attractions and retail area as part of Hong Kong project. Completed concept re-designs of front gate, high-end entertainment areas, and retail at Epcot Center. Produced concept, design and master plan for second gate in France and Florida's second-phase studio/back-lot tour.

Warner Bros. Theme Parks in Australia and Germany: Concept, sketches, working elevations and plans for dark rides in Australia and Germany. Development of interior master plan.

Universal Studios of Florida, Orlando, FL: Developed/designed back-lot studio tour, in addition to conceptual design of dark rides, water rides, European street, and restaurants.

Phil Hettema & Associates, Pasadena, CA: Led overall concept design for 105-hectare property located in the Middle East, encompassing 30 hectare lagoon, marketplace/bazaar retail areas, restaurants, boutique hotels, single family homes, condominiums, small gallery museum spaces, aquarium, oceanic center, film and animation school, and other public spaces.

Freidmutter Group, Las Vegas, NV: Developed/designed interior and exterior for several casinos, hotels, and their restaurants including Stations Casino in Las Vegas, Hyatt Hotels in Atlantic City, NJ and Chicago, IL, and Auburn Indian Casino in Auburn, CA.

Wimberly, Allison, Tong & Goo (WATG), Newport, CA: Developed/designed cabanas and pool for "high-roller" area and front entrance of MGM Hotel in Las Vegas.

Landmark Entertainment Group's Oita Project, Oita, Japan: Organized design team to develop 35-acre park. Completed design concept including all props, dressings and signage, Developed master plan of facility including restaurant, shows, dark ride, theater and train.

Showscan Ping A Theatre Complex, Shanghai, China: Producer and Project Designer for first of kind entertainment center in Mainland China. Developed turnkey project from conceptual design to delivery including interior master plan.

Johnny Rockets Restaurants: Delivered complete development of concept and design of these popular 50's style restaurants, including development of logo.

Forrec Design's Fiesta Texas, San Antonio, TX:
Researched, designed, and developed master plan / conceptual design for all entertainment related atmospheres for successful theme park.

Six Flags Power Plant, Baltimore, MD: Developed interior master plan for entertainment complex containing restaurants, arcade, theaters and attractions for newly re-modeled and historical harbor area.

TSA (an Affiliate of The Stubbins Associates, Inc.), Las Vegas, NV:
Designed and developed entertainment shopping complex and casino in Moscow, Russia.

Paul Steelman Design Group, Las Vegas, CA: Managed concept and re-design of front entrance and retail areas for Aladdin Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.